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Ecstatic Dance and meditation music


Hello! I'm Alec La Roche, a dedicated ecstatic dance and meditation music creator. With a rich musical background steeped in the vibrant worlds of funk and jazz, I bring a unique and spirited perspective to the music I produce. My journey through these dynamic genres has imbued me with a deep understanding of rhythm and mood, which I passionately channel into crafting music that moves and truly connects with the soul.


Whether you're unwinding with a soothing meditation session or losing yourself in the free-spirited joy of ecstatic dance, my compositions are designed to harmonize with and enhance your experience. Each track is a carefully curated soundscape available for download to inspire tranquility and elation.


In addition to my existing catalog, I specialize in creating personalized music. Tailored specifically to your needs, this bespoke service ensures that the music resonates perfectly with the intended atmosphere and emotion, whether for personal use, classes, or special events.


Let's embark on a musical journey that elevates your mind, body, and spirit. Connect with me to explore how my tunes can be part of your next ecstatic dance session or meditative retreat. Together, we can create moments of pure musical bliss. Contact me if you would like me to create your own personal track at


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